Welcome To VotesMarket

VotesMarket is glad to know that you are interested in knowing about us. Although VotesMarket believe that our work speaks about us, yet here are a couple of things VotesMarket thought that would be interesting for you.
I came into existence in the year 2014 with a vision to help customers win online contests. In today’s e-commerce scenario, it is very important to deliver what is committed. With the same motto, VotesMarket have helped many of our customers win online contests. We believe in standing by our commitments and achieving results within the deadlines.
The market is a young, strong, energetic team dedicated to delight its customers through various services.
Our team is technically qualified and skilled to work on various online contests and understands the contest requirements – more importantly, the DOs and DONTs of online contests, sweepstakes, email registrations, surveys and many more.
Our team specializes in the following services which are provided through unique IPs and realistic profiles:

Facebook App Votes
Twitter Votes
IP Votes
Amazon Up vote
Signup Registration Votes
Email Verification Votes
Web traffic
Online Survey
Social Media Services including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Tumbler, Pinterest, Google+ & Instagram.

VotesMarket team firmly believes in customer satisfaction. VotesMarket are amongst the best in business with a strong track record of successful deliveries of voting services on multiple contests. We are transparent with our work and share reports on the work progress. Our state of the art setup, skilled team, latest technology and excellent customer service helps us provide our customers with the following:
Diversified online contest services at affordable prices
Excellent TAT for delivery
Timely completion of work orders
Work order progress reports
Grievance addressing system to address concerns
VotesMarket works closely with you not as a service provider but as a team to achieve one common goal to win the contest. In a nutshell, we are a one-stop destination for voting requirements of any kind for any online contests. If you have already availed our services and are satisfied with our services then do not forget to Appreciate Us.


You can contact us any time by using our Live Chat (If we are available) or sending us an email at votesmarket@gmail.com /support@votesmarket.com or fill out the feedback form in our contacts and we will respond in 1-24 hours. Customer support we ensure our customers have all their queries answered in time to their satisfaction. Our Team is quick to understand your requirement preventing any delay for urgent orders. We are always happy to help You.

Work Reports

We understand that you may want to know about the work progress. We share work reports with you for the completed work.

Fast delivery:

After receiving every order we proceed within 24 hours and complete within the given time. VotesMarket take a very short time on the basis of the quantity of orders and it’s safe. We Deliver Votes/Likes to your Contest/Photo at Blazing Fast Speeds. After Placing the order, You can also tell us the speed you prefer to get for votes/likes on your contest/photo.

Quality & Price:

Before placing any big orders, you can proceed with a small quantity first then compare our quality with others if you find our quality, lower than others then we will make 100% refund without any question and compare with others company not only our service is good, but also our price is cheaper than others.

Dedicated Team

VotesMarket have a strong, dedicated and motivated team which is always ready to deliver each and every time for various Online Contests. The team strives hard to make you win in the contest you are participating. Most of the well ranked Fans and Followers Supplier Company reselling that’s why their price is too high. But we are the real supplier, that’s why our price is cheaper than others. The famous quote “The dream works when the team works” is a synonym to us. Our team comprises of hard-working, professional, committed set of people with high intelligent quotient. Their performance metric is each and every contest they work for. Did we forget to sayWe Dream Big? Try our team and you shall know the difference.

SLA Adherence

All voting contests are time bound which brings the SLA into the picture. We are committed to meet the SLAs ensuring the agreed votes are made in time. We understand the criticality of timely completion of work orders. We ensure the SLAs have adhered and jobs get completed in the stated time frame. We believe in delivering what we are paid for.


You can contact us any time by using our Live Chat (If we are available) or sending us an email at support@votesmarket.com or clicking the button below for our online contact form and we will respond in 1-24 hours. We’re happy to help you always.

100% Safe & Secure

VotesMarket ensure the voting process is manually done. Only unique worldwide IPs is used as per your preferences. The votes are casted through unique emails & by using real profiles. Our exposure to various online contests has made us wise enough to avoid practices which result in disqualifications. By delivering human votes from unique IP Addresses we ensure the success of our customers. 100% Real & Human votes from us avoid disqualification in the contest. Our strength is that we do not use Auto Bots. If your profiles, page or others account harmed or banned because of our fans, followers, etc., then we will do 100% refund or re-process your orders with our own liability.

Replacement Guarantee:

Sometimes regular inactivity of social media pages and profiles some fans or followers can leave the pages or profiles, in this case, we will recover every dropped fans or follower. This guarantee at the list for minimum One years. And sometimes in the case of uncertain spamming (very rare) if the fans and followers number decreased, then we will also recover it until fixed them.

PayPal & SSL Verified

We are verified by PayPal and accept our payments through it. We completely understand how important the security of the information you share with us is and hence we have SSL verification completed for our website. With us you are Safe.


We are committed to providing exceptional services while voting on online contests. The team is dedicated to abide by the contest guidelines and to meet the deadlines. We understand how critical timely voting is along with the usage of unique IPs, emails and real profiles. We are committed to delivering on all metrics.