1) Buyers are requested to review the order as the order submitted successfully cannot be canceled.

2) Judging the vote’s requirement is the buyers’ responsibility. Please check and the ordered votes count against the requirement before submitting the order. VotesMarket is responsible for delivering the ordered count of votes only.

3) VotesMarket should not be held responsible in a scenario when there is a premature end to voting for a contest, removal of votes by contest admin or contest link not working.

4) Contest link & details should need to be sent over email as stated on the How To Order page. Sharing the contest details is buyers responsibility and the same needs to be done as soon as possible.

5) Our responsibility is limited to delivering the ordered votes count. Contest results are not guaranteed and buyers are requested to order the required count. Any votes removed by the admin will be considered as a valid delivery from our side.

6) The order will be refunded only if VotesMarket fail to deliver the ordered count of votes and any of the above criteria are not valid.

7) Accidental orders would not be refunded and buyers need to place the order only if they agree to our terms & conditions.